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Hello and glad to return. Today I would love to tell you quite fast story about my attempts at greatness. I must say, do not try to make something that others possess many times over perfected and created.

Always work to try for yourself, even if it is a really popular and beaten up theory - to succeed with this, you always need to integrate your own, introduce some(item ) special that's you and the thing. . It is hard and creative process occasionally forgets that creativity comes from inside, that y'all projects will sooner or later start copying parts of each other, incorporating, inter-looping and inter-connecting to eventually become one true good organism of your conscious efforts at greatness. .

Can I attempt? I most likely gave it my best!

Cause video needs to circulate the Earth, you know? It needs to immediately cross platforms without boundaries stream into all the internet connected entities and libraries, platforms and storage archives... It has to be preserved for the future generations. .

In any case, my attempts... Well... I had to lose them... keepvid There is too much work inside, too much support required. I did look into it, I need to be honest. . And moreover big variety of servers and proxies involved, this will need to be profitable, so after few months trying and losing a few thousands of dollars on infrastructure, this section of my life is finished.

Therefore I use"their" Youtube downloader

Of course"their own" in this case means"somebody else's, not ours". . I really don't understand them, they do not know me. My favorite these days is Youtube downloader - it is super quick, it works great with Youtube and also 100s of other sites, and it is just the nicest strangest portal to download videos that are online. There's no API, therefore my private project of video trade between programs is postponed until I see that a fantastic enough support platform. Nothing in the works at the moment, and after seeing how it all turned out, I realized better leave this to those who know what they are doing. . Here's how their website looks like: youtube downloader front page with search suggestions

It is pretty cool, I love the shadow. . Try enter some search words - it offers popular localized search tags, so pops out different suggestions so you don't need to keep typing...

What's next?

From now I only try to stick to my strengths, which will be many things but making such sites... Making one is half the work - the main is the support day in, day out...