Differences And Advantages Of NoFollow And DoFollow Links

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Submitting quality and unique written content to an article directory is one of the ways to boost the visits, backlinks and credibility of your website. However, one of the most successful SEO strategies is definitely blogging. Creating your own personal blog is great because of many factors. First, you will have a place of your own online where you can place content that is valuable to you. For example, you can place various articles written by you which you would upload to any article directory in anyway. Keep in backlink service that being an owner of a blog which has high quality content is a big plus. Another great thing when it comes to blogging is commenting on other people's blogs. The best tip is to find high page rank blogs or make your own blog become highly ranked in order to attract more visitors and comments. Note that every blog comment which has a link attached to it is counted as one backlink to a certain site. In example, if you decide to submit an article to an article directory placing a link toward your website on a certain keyword popularly called "anchor" will count as a backlink to your site. Same goes for blogs. Any link placed in your blog post will also count as a backlink and same will go for the comments. In example, one of your published blog posts may become so popular that many people would like to comment on it, ask you questions, etc. With your every reply to other people's comments you will have another chance to place a new backlink to your site. If your blog has PR5 in example, than each backlink you have placed will count as a backlink from a PR5 site. No-follow and do-follow attributes are actually explaining a certain link better. Unlike an article directory, most of the blog software comes with "nofollow" attribute automatically applied on any hyperlink in the comment system. However, this is something every blog owner can modify and in fact many blog owners have removed "nofollow" attribute on their blog comment system simply because they want to grant users and themselves a free backlink. The main advantage of a "nofollow" attribute placed on a forum or blog is that you will not have your hands full of posts or comments that need to be moderated. Less spam of course is another advantage and you can be assured that only people who are actually interested in your blog and the topic you write about will post a comment on it. On the other hand, if you allow you blog to have "do-follow" links you will surely have more visitors and your blog will be more popular, not to mention that every backlink counts in an overall calculation of your site's page rank.